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Rachel Kraus - Shabbat Bag

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Author: Rachel Kraus
Set used: Gold Lacy Hamsa

Shabbat bag with the Jerusalem design from Gold Lacy Hamsa Machine Embroidery Designs set

Using the embroidery editing program of my Tajima machine I:

  • Created an appliqué Hamsa around the 4-Hobby Gold Lacy Hamsa design.
  • Added the Hebrew words between the appliqué Hamsa and the 4-Hobby Gold Lacy Hamsa design.

*The finished patch can be stitched directly on fabric or stitched as a patch to be sewn or glued on other projects - see attached pictures.

 The patch was stitched with gold metallic thread directly on the front part of the bag (upholstery fabric) with a black velvet fabric background.

 All Shabbat Bag parts (upholstery & lining) were sewn together.

The finished Shabbat Bag was decorated with a black ribbon on top of each handle and a square of Velcro was glued on the inside to keep the bag partially closed.