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Affiliate Program Terms

Welcome to 4-hobby Affiliate Program!

The 4-hobby Affiliate Program is a combination of the very best of MLM programs (its multi-level structure; but without the financial obligations, selling hyped-up products or annoying your friends) with the best of online affiliate marketing programs out there.

Introduce others to the designs you like, and be rewarded!

How to become a partner?

Just register as a partner on our site (this is not the same profile as customer profile; it is another registration). If you are registered as a customer, please use the same email address for your partner profile, so we'll be able to connect your profiles, and move earned bonuses to your customer profile.

How to earn?

There are 2 simple ways.

1) Get HTML code for set you wish to share using your site, blog or on forum; each purchase done using your banner, will bring you 10% of the order total. Hint: make your own purchases using your own banner and get 10% back.

2) Place this link to our registration page on your site. If a guest uses this link and gets registered as a partner, he will become your affiliate and you will earn 5% of his income, 3% of income of his partners (your 3rd layer partners), and 2% of income of partners of the 4rd layer (See how the levels are built). Instead of "Register", you may add your own text or picture.

How you'll receive earned money?

There are 2 ways, and you are able to mix them. Choose appropriate way (field "Prefer To Be Paid") during registration.

1) Earned money will be moved to your customer zone as bonus points after a couple of weeks. You'll be able to use it in your orders, or purchase gift certificate and send it to your friend. There is no expiration, it will be always available.

2) Earned money may be sent to your PayPal account. If you choose this way, or combined one, please fill in field "PayPal Address for Credits" during registration. The program is just started; you will be between our first partners, and get all advantages of the pioneers. The registration is free, there is no risk.

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