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4-hobby.com Newsletter - New Store View, New Bonus Politic

Dear friends, there are some important updates.

The store is migrated to the new version. In addition to the new view, there are also new functions: sharing options for Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest; ratings; bonuses; Premium users discounts; and, of course, new designs very soon. In order to include your previous orders to Premium users program, we migrated all users accounts and all your previous orders to the new place, you received order confirmation and you are able to download again your old sets. You will need just to use Password recovery option in order to enter to your profile; your log in name is your email address. If you have problems with logging in, please let us know.

We disabled anonymous users feature, so all your history, bonus points, wish list and other information will be always available. If you had some user accounts, they will be combined to one account.

Each user registered January and February (or migrated by us) received 100 bonus points (equivalent of $10) at the registration, and additional bonus points depending on your orders summary (1 point for each dollar spent on our site). Read more about bonus points.

Some of you already became Premium users. Each Premium user has permanent 50% discount for each purchase. In order to became Premium user, the previous total of all your orders should be $300 or more.

Payment systems and other terms are not changed. If you have problems, please contact us immediately.

For additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.