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Passover cover for 3 Matzot

Passover cover for 3 Matzot .

Photos and instructions have been emailed to us by Rachel from Florida. Rachel, thank you for the great project!

Rachel created this project using Passover set designs.

Passover: Matzah cover

Passover: Matzah cover



  • Using software that comes with your machine, resize the 6 items on the Seder Plate to 3.3”x3.3” each
    Print out the designs, cut out each one.

Matzah Cover

  • Cut out a Satin or Satin like fabric 13”x13” or any size you like
  • Place the 6 printouts in the order you traditionally follow (I did it in the Chabad order)

    Passover: Matzah cover
  • Marking the center top, bottom, right & left edge points of each item as a guideline (my machine & software allow me to fit the whole design together in one hoop).
  • Stitch out the 6 designs
  • Sew a zig zag stitch around the fabric and iron with a damp cloth
  • Passover: Matzah cover


  • Cut out 3 pieces of fabric (I used a heavier cotton) for the pockets 13”x13.4”
  • For each piece of the back, fold in 0.4” and sew a zig zag stitch at the edge to create three 13”x13” pieces of fabric
  • Iron with a damp cloth
  • Put all 3 pieces together - two pieces with the seam down and the bottom one with the seam up (see picture) as it will be the bottom of the Matzah cover
  • Pin the 3 pieces together with all sides fitting together perfectly and stitch around the 3 cut sides - do not stitch together the individually folded & stitched side
  • Pin the lace only to the bottom of the Matzah Cover
  • Sew with a zig zag stitch

  • Pin the back 3 pieces of fabric to the front with the stitched lace fitting the open pockets

  • Continue to pin the lace to the front and back around the remaining 3 sides
    Sew around the remaining three sides while the bottom stays open to create the 3 pockets

Other ideas

1. Instead of using a regular Seder Plate, place 6 small glass dishes one on each stitched out symbol to hold the actual item for the Seder.
The three Matzot will fit in the pockets under the glass dishes.

2. Make a Matzah cover using only one piece of 13”x13” fabric for the back.
Use directions to stitch out the design, Iron with a damp cloth.
Pin the front, back & lace together and sew with a zig zag stitch.